Tempor0mandibular disorders and treatments

Temporomandibular disorder is caused by the poorly functioning of the jaw and the muscles responsible for its movement and can be very painful. Because the joint is very complex, any problem that might occur will prevent your muscle system to fully function, and you should consider seeing a dentist about this. Even if most of the times the causes are unknown; there are a lot of factors that can trigger the disease, from trauma, arthritis, muscle tension, poor posture, excessive teeth grinding or even recurrent stress.

The most frequent symptoms associated with TMJ are headaches, muscle sensibility, pain of your jaw, pain around or in your ear, difficulty chewing or locking of the joint. If you are experiencing these symptoms and they are not going away then, it is time to consult a professional and discuss possible courses of action. Our Brinley Dental specialist will perform a physical exam, take diagnostic x-rays and offer you treatment. In most cases, you might need pain relievers or other appropriate treatment that will take care of the problem in order to avoid surgical treatment.  There are more than 20 different ways of treating TMJ and you will only know what the best one is for you after you discuss it with your dentist.  
Although you might think that TMJ related issues are not that important, you need to know that there are consequences to not treating it such as unbearable pain that moves to your teeth, ears, eyes or even neck and shoulders, and it can also be difficult for you to perform vital daily activities such as eating. Other consequences of untreated TMJ are wear and tear of the teeth, permanent damage in your hearing or serious jaw problems. So don’t waste any more time, call our Brinley Dental Staten Island office at (718)576-2507.