Brinley Dental Treatments:                                                


Dental services have improved a lot throughout the years, and you can now enjoy your dental appointments rather than being scared of them. Whether you are in need of emergency treatment or just want to do a routine checkup, Brinley Dental team of Staten Island is ready to advise and suggest the best possible treatment plan available.
Our dental practice offers you a wide range of services, modern techniques, and flexible treatment plans and most importantly, professional team that always has your health in mind. We offer our patients services from preventive to complex dental procedures or cosmetic dentistry. If you are looking for a professional dentist that will listen and care for your dental needs don’t hesitate to make an appointment. 
Some of the services we offer at our Staten Island practice:                                                                       
- dental implants 
- post-surgery controls
- gum disease treatments
- simple or complex cavity treatments
- x-rays
- TMJ consultations
- bacterial plague controls
- periodontal treatments
- simple or complex teeth extractions
- oral surgery
- wisdom teeth consultations and extractions
- suture removals
- root canal treatments
- dentures 
- teeth cleaning and whitening
- cosmetic dentistry
Our Brinley Dental equipment and techniques are the very best; we work in a sterilized environment and with the best care towards your health needs, making your dental experience a pleasant one and improving the way you feel about going to the dentist.  Don’t waste any more time, visit our dental practice and get rid of all your problems. We value your time and your health is our number one priority! You can schedule your dental appointment by calling us at (718)576-2507.