Brinley Dental: Sedation & Anesthesia services

Staten island, NY

Sedation and anesthesia (by Brinley Dental Associates):

Dental anesthesia includes sedation and general anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is rarely used for dental treatment these days because sedation works really well and is extremely safe. Sedation dentistry is the use of pharmacological agents to reduce anxiety or excitement to allow patients to receive dental treatment. It consists of sedatives which depress the central nervous system by their actions, especially conscious awareness. At our Staten Island locations, dental sedation is preferred by most Brinley Dental patients because of its benefits which include: increased comfort, control of gag reflex, patient relaxation, and little or no memory of treatment among others. There are three types of dental sedation; inhalation sedation, oral sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation. Inhalation sedation is also known as ‘laughing gas’, ‘happy gas’ or ‘gas and air’. It usually consists of oxygen gas and nitrous oxide gas mixed together as required. Our Staten Island dentists administer oral sedation which involves oral sedative drug administration to facilitate the dental procedure by reducing the patients’ anxiety and fears associated with the treatment experience. It’s advantageous as no needles are required, highly accepted by most Brinley Dental patients and easy to administer. Intravenous conscious sedation (IV sedation) involves a drug of anti-anxiety variety being administered into the blood system during dental treatment.

Additionally, dental sedation varies in degrees. Most of our Staten Island dentists prefer minimal sedation. Minimal sedation involves patients responding normally to verbal commands. Moderate sedation involves patients responding purposefully to verbal commands either alone or by light stimulation. Deep sedation involves patients not easily aroused but can respond to painful stimulation. Finally, general sedation that involves patients not being aroused even by painful stimulation. 

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