About us

Modern technologies offer people an improved range of treatments when it comes to their dental care, treatments which are not as painful and as expensive as they were years ago. Going to the dentist should is no longer scary, and people no longer have to fear all dental professionals. Our Staten Island dental office values the importance of your time, and your dental needs, and that’s why offer you a top quality experience, from consultations to emergency treatment or dental surgery.  Dedicated qualified professionals are ready to tend to all your dental needs and to advice you on what are the best treatments plans for any affection you might have.


Our Brinley Dental team is characterized by the care we take when dealing with our patients and by the way we make everyone feel as comfortable as they can be, no matter the procedure. Modern dentistry has reduced pain to a minimum and our dedicated professionals know how to use this to your advantage. 


About TMJ dental team:

TMJ dentist in Staten Island NY

Aside from always having your best interest in mind, our Staten Island dental office takes pride in the qualifications of its team members and in the years of experience that have helped shape the extraordinary professionals that they are today. You can trust we will always take the best course of action for your dental necessity whether you require a simple cleaning or are in need of complex surgical procedure. 

Visit our dental office, and you will have it all: professional treatment without pain or fear and a team always ready to explain and advise you to the best of their dental training.